Introducing Studio Kingdom


Creating stories for everyone to dive into!

Our passion for worlds born of our hopes and courage is what drives us.


Studio Kingdom's logo is inspired by that first bite of a perfectly sweet cake. It is our goal to create gaming experiences as delightful as the first bite of a slice of cake.



    • 2019. 12.
      Studio Kingdom founded under Devsisters
    • 2021. 01.
      Mobile RPG 'CookieRun: Kingdom' released worldwide
      • Ranked #1 popular game on Google Play Store,
      • Apple App Store, and OneStore in Korea
      • Ranked #1 game revenue on Apple App Store and One Store in Korea,
      • #2 game revenue on Google Play Store in Korea
    • 2021. 09.
      Reaching new CookieRun: Kingdom Global Rankings
      • Japan: Ranked #1 popular game in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
      • U.S: Ranked #2 popular game in the Apple App Store
    • 2021. 11.
      CookieRun: Kingdom wins 2021 Korea Game Awards' Grand Prize and Best Game Character
    • 2021. 12.
      CookieRun: Kingdom wins Google Play's Best Games of 2021, Users' Choice Game, and Best Competitive Game
    • 2022. 04.
      CookieRun: Kingdom wins People's Choice at Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards 2022
    • 2022. 10.
      Reached 50 million players worldwide for CookieRun: Kingdom
    • 2022. 12.
      CookieRun: Kingdom wins in 3 categories at Pocket Gamer Awards 2022
      • Best Mobile Developer, Best Update/Updated Game, Best Community
    • 2023. 01.
      Reached a total of 50 million players worldwide for CookieRun: Kingdom
    • 2023. 08.
      BRIXITY released worldwide
    • 2023. 11.
      CookieRun: Kingdom - Winner in Two Categories for Google Play's Best of 2023
      • Winner: Best on PC, Honorable Mention: Best Ongoing
    • BRIXITY - Awarded in Two Categories for Made With Unity Korea Awards 2023
      • Winner: Best Graphics, Best of 2023: Games
    • CookieRun: Kingdom - Golden Plume Award
      • Most Anticipated Mobile Game of 2023
    • 2023. 12.
      CookieRun: Kingdom - Launch in China <冲呀! 饼干人: 王国>
    • BRIXITY - Awarded in Pocket Gamer Awards 2023
      • Winner: Best Mobile Strategy Game
    • 2024. 01.
      CookieRun: Kingdom - 3rd Anniversary Update 'Beast-Yeast: A New Adventure Begins'
    • Coming soon
      CookieRun: Witch's Castle coming soon
    • 2024. 01.
      CookieRun: Kingdom - 3rd Anniversary Update 'Beast-Yeast: A New Adventure Begins'
    • Coming soon
      CookieRun: Witch's Castle coming soon


  • LOVE

    We believe in the power of stories to insipire and move people. We know that to inspire others, we need to be inspired by our own work.


    We aim to provide respect and a safe space for our players, and our team. We offer support in various aspects of life so our employees can focus on their tasks.


    We strive to build mutual trust, communicate openly and respectfully to grow together and improve our product.


    At Studio Kingdom, anybody can become a leader. We encourage everyone to exchange feedback because we celebrate creativity and self-improvement.


Supporting you anytime and everywhere
  • Flexible Hours
  • Refresh Days (Extra paid vacation every 3, 5, 7 years)
  • Bereavement Leave & Support
  • First Day of School Package for Employee Families
  • Care Package for Expecting Parents
  • Paid Time Off for Checkups during Pregnancy, Additional Time Off for Fertility Treatment Leave (3 days)
Making sure you're healthy physically and spiritually
  • Medical Exam (Including parents, parents-in-law, and spouse)
  • Catered Lunch & Drinks
  • Accident Insurance Support (Including parents, parents-in-law, and spouse)
  • Onsite Fitness Center
Making sure you're doing what you love
  • Various events including Family Day, Movie Night
  • Jeju Office Available for Working Remotely
  • Commemorative Gifts to Celebrate Your Time at Studio Kingdom
  • Birthday & Holiday Gifts
  • Credit for Leisure Activities
  • Snack Bar
Making sure you're growing and focusing
  • Rent support
  • Brand new, state-of-the-art office setup
  • Private refresh room
  • Classes & seminars for your profession
  • E-Books Available Upon Request
  • Language Classes
  • Benefits Card for various uses
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