Developing and Growing Together, CookieRun: Kingdom’s Technical Director, Lim Wonseob


What is the first thing you need to do to play CookieRun: Kingdom? It's installing the app from the store, and the job of developing that app is done by the client developer. CookieRun: Kingdom, full of exciting adventures and intense battles, must have a special development culture behind it. Let's hear about it from Lim Wonseob, the technical director of CookieRun: Kingdom.

Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

I am Wonseob, a client developer and the technical director for CookieRun: Kingdom. I joined Devsisters seven years ago, and have been working on CookieRun: Kingdom since the early stages of development.

The definition of a technical director may vary depending on the company, but at Studio Kingdom, it’s a role that actively participates in technical decisions. I work on deciding what technology set to use for game development, and whether to replace existing technology with new ones by checking their usefulness.

Q. What exactly does the Technology Realization Group and Client Team of CookieRun: Kingdom Project do?

The group is responsible for all technical aspects of the game development process. It consists of the client team and the server team, and the client team is mainly responsible for developing the game app where actual gameplay takes place. We gather art, story, UI/UX, and other efforts from various teams and integrate them into the client.

The Team that Becomes Stronger with Every Shared Opinion

Q. What is the development culture of the Technology Realization Group?

Many of our team members say that it is fortunate to work in such a company like ours because the development culture is very good, which will be admired by people with different careers and backgrounds. Let me introduce some aspects of it.

First, we conduct code reviews regularly.

Code review is a process of checking and exchanging opinions with colleagues to find out problems or improvements before merging someone's work into the main code. Through this process, we can discover errors or bugs in code and find improvement points to prevent mistakes and improve the quality of the result. By adding various perspectives to the code, individual skills can also naturally improve.

Above all, because several people see and read certain lines of code, the burden on individuals can be reduced. As everyone looks at the code together, responsibility is also shared by the team, and the culture of not blaming one person for mistakes has been established. I think that when a mistake occurs, the team should prioritize problem-solving, and then find the cause and prevent recurrence.

Secondly, we have a culture of actively checking and applying the latest technological trends.

Using new technologies is advantageous not only for other projects but also for personal growth as a developer. We want to satisfy the growth desire of members who want to try various things and make efforts to harmonize both team and individual development.

Q. After the launch of CookieRun: Kingdom, there must have been many changes and an increase in personnel. How did such changes affect the team?

When the team was small, each individual person had to understand many details and context, and also handle various tasks. Previously, one person developed many features with each update, making it relatively difficult to concentrate. As the team grew, each person began to perform their role based on high expertise. By immersing oneself in one thing, bugs decreased and better results were achieved.

Even in such changes, the fact that the team loves the game has remained unchanged. The team is composed of people who really love and are passionate about the game. As the team is always trying to move towards a direction where the game works well, we could spend time to become a stronger team.

Experience: How the Company and Individuals Improve Together

Q. What is the charm of being a developer for CookieRun: Kingdom?

The charm is that you can experience many things. There are two genres alone, RPG and SNG. You can experience a combination of genres without being confined to one genre. Moreover, since there are many people who love and cherish the game, as well as many contents and development contents, you can conduct a large-scale development and receive active feedback on the result. You can widen your vision by seeing feedback from people of various ages and nationalities who enjoy the game.

Q. What is your most memorable experience from CookieRun: Kingdom?

Looking back, every update is memorable. Since client development is visually appealing, it is very rewarding and satisfying when the results are conveyed to users and receive positive feedback. When good feedback comes in, it becomes a driving force to work harder on development. Therefore, I remember the moments of waiting for updates with excitement to see how people would react. Launching was the most memorable moment because I could work harder with more motivation after seeing the reaction.

Q. Which colleague would you like to work with?

The most important thing is a sense of responsibility. Since the atmosphere is free and easy, it is essential to have a sense of responsibility to complete the work assigned to oneself. From a programmer's perspective, I want to work with someone who has intellectual curiosity. Such curiosity often becomes a driving force in both work and personal growth.

Q. What is CookieRun to you?

It's difficult to express it in one word, but I think it's "vitality." When a Cookie is added to the game, it doesn't just end with "Oh, a new character has been added." Each Cookie has its own story and relationship with other Cookies, making the kingdom more diverse. By placing these Cookies in the kingdom and constructing a battle deck, the game becomes more enjoyable. Therefore, for me, CookieRun is vitality.

Indeed, there was an excellent development culture behind the CookieRun: Kingdom app. I look forward to CookieRun: Kingdom's further development based on its fantastic development culture.

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