Build Your Very Own BRIXITY!


In the far, far future, the Earth has become polluted beyond repair and humanity has evacuated to Mars. Thanks to breakthroughs in robotics, the Earthlings on Mars had no need for chores or work. Developments in nutrition also brought upon a super-nutrient pill, which removed the need for robust feasts and wasted food resources. This... is the story of Pipos, new descendants of humankind who are eager to greet you in BRIXITY!

After five hundred years of Martian life, Pipos have decided to cleanse and restore Earth to its pre-apocalypse splendor. But, alas, they’ve no true idea of what Earth looked like that far back in time. That’s where you come in! So hop on board, strap on your rocket seat belts, and let’s blast off into the world of BRIXITY!

One Brix, Two Brix. Building a City? They’ll Do the Trick.

Anyone can build a city in BRIXITY.

The secret to constructing a thriving metropolis on the now-barren Earth has been discovered! Brix are special materials that create a mysterious energy that is capable of purifying the Earth. The more Brix are used to create buildings, the more Earth will be restored to its former glory!

Brix can also be made into any shapes or sizes. Let your imagination run wild and be as creative as you can be! Ever wanted to place a giant dining table in the middle of a city square? What about creating never-before-seen animals and creatures that you once sketched out as a child? All such dreams and possibilities are possible thanks to Brix! Become a Brixmaster and help restore the Earth, once more teeming with life!

The Ancestral Home of All Pipos

Obviously, one must return to Earth in order to build a city there. But before you head off to Earth to become a true Brixmaster, there’s something you should know about Pipos. Having adapted to Martian gravity, ⅓ the gravity of Earth, Pipo anatomy has changed significantly when compared to humanity of old. Pipos have become rather block-shaped with barely any necks and shoulders.

Pipos may look different from the ancestor’s of Earth, but all Pipos share one common trait with us: Earth is our homeplanet. Sure, the robots take care of all the hard work and there’s no longer a hassle for cooking, but these adventurous Pipos are ready to leave the lavish life of Martian convenience in order to return home. After all, there’s just something about making something from nothing and taking destiny into your own hands! There’s no better place to achieve such dreams than Earth! Pipos from all around are ready to express true Pipo personality and heart!

Personality is yet another shared trait between Pipos and the ancestors of Earth. You’ll definitely see such personality traits when meeting “Expert Pipos,” such as the Baker Pipo, Judge Pipo, and even the Tooth Fairy Pipo. These Pipos are pioneers in a brand new age of jobs on Earth. With so many opportunities, any Pipo can truly find a job that fits each Pipo’s personality perfectly.

We are certain that you and the Pipos you meet can create a wondrous city. And the Pipos will be rooting for you every step of the way! Pipos love creativity, and certainly no praise will be spared for the buildings you create!

The City of the Future, No Longer in Dreams Only

How many cities will be built in this future Earth? How many Pipos will you meet? Not only can you build your very own unique city, but you can also visit other Brixmasters’ cities across the globe and view them from the Pipos’ point of view! So make sure to stroll around the various cities as a visitor and take in the sights!

The Pipos and you are definitely going to make Earth a better place!

The first spaceships to rebuild Earth will be launched soon.

Your seats are ready! We hope you look forward to BRIXITY and are ready to help restore the Earth with your Pipo friends!

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