The veil has finally lifted from Studio Kingdom's latest creation, BRIXITY. Even right now, cute and colorful cities are popping up all over the world. With the global launch of BRIXITY today, how about we take a look at the secrets of building a breathtaking city? Let's take a look at what we need to do to create a cozy city.

Brix Of Endless Possibilities

Brix is the name of the most basic foundation of creations in BRIXITY. Everything from wedges to cubes, to more complex shapes like roof, windows, and even stairs! Brix come in many shapes and sizes. Using these, you can create not just houses, but cars, animals, and so much more!

If you think back to the blocks and toys you played with when you were young (or perhaps still do!), those memories are probably mostly positive. So how would you feel if all of them were special Brix, all with their own charms, filled with life? Flashy street signs, platforms that play melodies when you step on them, or maybe even launch you high up in the air! In Brixity, stacking Brix is an activity filled with variety. Imagine creating your very own game or theme park with all the unique Brix you come across. Wouldn't that be amazing?

It All Begins With A Single Blueprint

If you want to get used to building with Brix, but don’t know where to start, then you can start out with Blueprints. From basic Blueprints offered by the TNC, to Blueprints hand-crafted by other Brixmasters, you can pick and choose your favorite designs and decorate your city with ease! With the Building Renovation system, you can edit previously constructed buildings too. You can place suitable Pipos at the buildings freely, write your name or tag using letter-shaped Brix, or even repaint the entire building! Renovating an entire street to look like a matching apartment complex is one of the countless ways you can express yourself.

Once you're used to handling Brix using Blueprints, look for inspiration around you. Maybe you could try to recreate that beach you visited on your vacation, or maybe a giant plate with your late-night snack. Even cute cats and dogs can become perfect models if you want. Anything goes, so just let loose and follow your creative whims! Later on, you get to look back at your precious creations with a warm, happy feeling in your chest.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Pipos inhabiting your city. No matter what you create, you can be sure they all will come and applaud as your creations are finished. After all, everything you make is turning the city they live in that much prettier! So with all these friends cheering you on, surely getting familiar with Brix will be a piece of cake, right?

A City Filled With Stories

If you need more inspiration, visit other cities using the City Tour mode. Just a quick flight from your Space Port, and you'll arrive in the city created by another Brixmaster. Many Brixmasters spend time and effort on creating an amazing first impression, waiting for you as you take your first steps in their cities. Things like a Pipo welcome center greeting new arrivals, to beautiful roads leading straight to the wonderful vistas of the city, there are many ways to make guests feel immersed and inspired. Not only which buildings are built, but also their placement, are things that can make even similar cities feel like completely different experiences.

BRIXITY, a place where anyone can become a Brixmaster and create wonderful things, has swung its doors open, waiting for you. We hope to meet you there!

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