A Cordial Invitation from the Birthplace of the Cookies - CookieRun: Witch’s Castle


Where are Cookies made? The oven!

The oven is what makes the Cookies change from a blob of dough into adorable Cookies. Who made the dough, you ask? A hungry Witch who wished for a snack of cookies. But wait... why did the Witch decide to bake living, magical Cookies?

Do you wish to know the answer? Then what a coincidence! You’ve been cordially invited to the Witch’s Castle.

The clues needed to solve this riddle may perhaps be found in the birthplace of the Cookies. But be careful! This castle is filled with winding corridors and mysterious magic throughout its halls. Now, if you’re ready... Let us open the gates and enter the Witch’s Castle.

The Birthplace of the Cookies: The Witch’s Castle

Did you know that there was a Cookie who woke up a bit earlier than GingerBrave? The Cookie’s name was Dozer, who first appeared in OvenBreak, the forerunner of the CookieRun series. We’ll get to meet Dozer once more in CookieRun: Witch’s Castle. We’ll also get to meet one of GingerBrave’s longest friends, GingerBright. Both of these friends are waiting for you to join them as they attempt to unveil the witch’s secrets!

You can become even closer friends with the Cookies by decorating and designing rooms just for them!

The witch’s castle is vast and wide, with suitable space for each Cookie to have their own room. Various decorations to match the Cookies and their personalities are ready to be placed at your whim. Do you think GingerBright will like a soft, plushy bed in her room? And maybe Wizard Cookie would like a magical grimoire in his room to add some magical charm to his room!

The rooms themselves also have magical properties! Depending on which Cookie enters the room, the room’s shape magically changes to match! One thing that has the most influence on the shape of the room is the friendship between you and the Cookies. As you make more memories together and become best friends, the rooms will become fancier and fancier!

Colorful, Entertaining Adventures in Puzzle Form

The castle has a lot more rooms and spaces to discover. As you explore the unknown, you’ll uncover hidden secrets. Don’t be intimated by the castle’s dark hallways and rooms. Sure, it’s frightening... but it’s also the perfect opportunity to start an adventure! Help the Cookies explore the castle by solving puzzles!


The Cookies are definitely excited to start a new adventure, especially with you by  their side. Each Cookie has their own unique set of abilities and skills. For example, GingerBright will use her trademark lollipop to bash through any problem. Wizard Cookie can conjure lightning... real lightning! With such unique skills at your disposal, it’s guaranteed to be an amazing adventure!

But... does the adventure end in the castle? The world outside is a big, big place! Aren’t you curious about how far you can get with your Cookies friends? So get ready to embark on a puzzle expedition and investigate the secrets of the Witch’s Castle!

CookieRun: Witch’s Castle will dive into the deepest, darkest secrets of the witch... secrets so secret that they can’t be heard anywhere else.

The team is working diligently to present you with a brand new adventure, so stay tuned for CookieRun: Witch’s Castle!

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