Congratulations on a Sparkling First Year! What is "Golden Time"?


Every full year you spend in Studio Kingdom, you will receive a special invitation card to “Golden Time”. Golden Time is a separate occasion to express gratitude and extend congratulations to our team’s members for their hard work. Members receive a special gift at the event to celebrate the years that have passed since their entry into the company.

You are given a special, unique coin, one-of-a-kind with no others like it!


After holding a small gifting ceremony, warm congratulatory greetings from team members prepared beforehand are shared. Some are deeply moving and sincere messages. Some are encouraging messages of appreciation. Once the messages are shared, a lively conversation takes place, themed around the happiest memories of the past year, biggest interests, or even recent hobbies.

But wait, there’s more! You get a special scratch-off ticket! Winners receive official CookieRun merchandise and guess what? Everyone’s a winner! The most recent Golden Time was also a blast. Let’s drop in with Seungok and Jihyang and see what they have to say about being at the company for two years.

Q. Please introduce yourself and tell us what your second year at the company felt like.

Seungok : Hello! My name’s Yang Seungok, a brand manager and part of the Growth Strategy & Business team. I’ve enjoyed working here since the beginning, but my second year was by far the most memorable.

Jihyang : Hello, I am Ban Jihyang, in charge of design and planning at Studio Kingdom. I’ve had various experiences at Studio Kingdom over the past two years. I can’t believe it’s been two years though.

Q. What was the most memorable moment in spending two years at Studio Kingdom?

Seungok : The time when we all went to a workshop in Tokyo, Japan last year was memorable. It was really amazing, and I was proud to see the scenes of Cookies being shown on big billboards. It was also my first visit to Disneyland, so I think that counts as an experience I will never forget.

Jihyang : I also have a lot of moments, but above all, the moment when I was able to provide a memorable collaboration experience by being in charge of the main planning and coordination for the Disney collaboration. It was one of the large collaborations done by Cookie Run: Kingdom last year and it lingers most in my mind. As a collaboration with Disney, whom I have a lot of affection for, it was fun also a lot of pressure. The preparation process was not easy since both Disney and CookieRun are IPs with strong personalities. However, all of us kept cheering each other on and more and more effort was made into making the collaboration as perfect as possible. Overall, it truly was an amazing experience. I remember getting emotional when the opening title screen started playing.

Q. You must have had difficult times while working at the company for two years. When were they and how did you overcome them?

Seungok : I feel it gets a little hard when the intensity of work increases. It's physically hard, but I overcome it by cheering myself and others on.

Jihyang : While preparing for big or small content for CookieRun: Kingdom, I become ambitious about my individual tasks. I think that’s when I have the tendency to lose balance in my life a bit. I believe that the quality of an individual's life is also important for work mentality and that good team members should stay healthy as much as possible. That’s why I try to balance work and life and it’s really helped my quality of sleep, I can actually enjoy relaxing meditation, and even finding the time for exercise.

Q. Please tell us about your future work commitments at Studio Kingdom.

Seungok : I want to make and design new events, the kinds of experiences that everyone can enjoy from now on.

Jihyang : Personally, as much as I have a lot of affection for CookieRun: Kingdom and the CookieRun IP, I want to do my part efficiently and well, so that I can continue providing joy for players of the game,

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