Who is "DengDeng" in the CookieRun: Kingdom Credits?


When a movie ends, you can see just how many people and working hours it took to create the movie you just watched. As the credits roll by, countless and countless names fill the screen, each an integral part of the film’s production. Did you know that CookieRun: Kingdom also has a credits reel?

Among the various staff members, ranging from the production team, developers, artists, you can’t help but notice two interesting names: Dengdeng and Rover. We’d like to take this opportunity and introduce you to the hidden helpers of CookieRun: Kingdom’s production!

(The credits for CookieRun: Kingdom can be checked at any time by going to Settings → Credits.)

Surprised?! Rover and Dengdeng are doggos, not humans. We have Rover on the left, and Dengdeng on the right. These lovely dogs are the pets of Quality Director Ahn Eukyung in CookieRun: Kingdom. The reason these two names are included in the credits is rather simple. The credits aren’t just about people who worked directly on the game, but for we here at Devsisters, it’s also about showing appreciation for family members and others who have supported us every step of the way. No one said this credits list had to be limited to human names!

Rover and Dengdeng have had a special relationship with the CookieRun: Kingdom team for over six years. Back when Dengdeng was but a wee lil doggo pup, too young to be left alone at home, Eukyung asked the company if she would be able to bring the pup to work. With consent from the team, Dengdeng began to experience what it was like to work in an office. Being able to spend more time with her in the office allowed for a more stable life, and with Yukyung being able to focus more on work without having to be too concerned about a lonely puppy at home. Nowadays, Rover and Dengdeng spend their time at a doggy kindergarten and only visit the office when she has to work late.

These two truly bring a unique and special vibe to the office. If Devsisters has DevFit (the company fitness gym), then Studio Kingdom proudly hosts RoverFit, a.k.a. the opportunity to take walks. Dogs AND cardio? Sign me in. There’s a catch though. Frequent members of RoverFit seem to be favorited by Rover. Some claim that Rover will deliberately seek out a VIP RoverFit members when Rover wants to go on a walk!

These two have made a special memory with the staff not too long ago. When the QA team left for a workshop retreat after two years of launch, these two doggos joined them! Since Dengdeng and Rover were with us for all the updates, App Store submissions and reviews, and late nights. Naturally, they were invited to the workshop retreat in Gangwon-do, Korea. After all, technically... they’ve been unpaid interns for six years now, but they’ve definitely earned their place in the credits! The workshop was a grand success, with board games and fun in the evening, with RoverFit as a prize (or penalty) in the morning.

This concludes our look into the who Dengdeng and Rover are and their positions in the CookieRun: Kingdom team. Such good doggos!

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